home by the river

You move out to a polluted distant land by a river to conduct your research in peace. You were the leading scientist of the Sigil Corporation's Reactor Project, but when you learned that their goal was not for the betterment of mankind you decided to leave and make yourself vanish. The agencies of Sigil Corp have no idea where you've gone and now this is your opportunity to make the Reactor a reality and share your technology with the world. Your first problem though is that your new home is terribly polluted and you first need to clean it up before you can do any research. Build your home how you want, earn income in numerous ways, from planting crops, establishing farms, or making computer games. When you are ready you will establish your reactor and work towards transforming your world for the better.

Home By The River is a 2D side scroller world building game where you can place or remove tiles in the game world. It is a type of sandbox but with a focus on the primary objective of the game which is to establish the reactor and then help the whole world prosper in a way never seen before.