GTGD S2 learn unity 2d - unity 2021 relaunch

Welcome to GTGD S2 LEARN UNITY 2D, a brand new tutorial series relaunched for Unity 2021! In this series I show my approach to using the Unity 2D tilemap dynamically so that in game the player can place and remove tiles, and for the navmesh to update dynamically, and of course saving and loading that data to file and managing multiple save files. You will develop a day and night system and write AI that will respond to the time of day! These are fundamental topics to understand for developing Terraria like games, and what you learn in this series will be beneficial in many different projects especially for understanding how to save and load data to file and manage multiple save files.

You can watch the series on YouTube and you if you'd like to support my efforts then I've released GTGD S2 with project folders on Steam and all videos downloaded to your computer!