Welcome to Gamer To Game Developer! My name is Looqmaan Ali and I love to develop games and show how to develop games. I've been using the Unity game engine since 2011 and I started out as a hobby game dev. I now work full time as a solo game developer and I left my profession as a professional mechanical engineer with over twelve years of engineering experience to pursue game development fulltime back in 2021.

I like to share what I know as well (I learn more that way too!) and I started producing tutorials on YouTube since early 2012 and it's been a great journey! You can see my YouTube channel and if you like it please do subscribe. You can visit my Facebook page and contact me by email looqmaan[at]gamertogamedeveloper.com. You can also see my in depth tutorial series (you don't have to buy the tutorials, you can watch them on YouTube) and games on Steam which you can see from my Store page.

Below you can see some of the projects I've developed over the years. My latest projects are Choo Choo Survivor and Home By The River.

GTGD S2 Learn unity 2d for unity 2021

I've relaunched a brand new Gamer To Game Developer Series 2. In this series I show my approach to using the Unity 2D tilemap dynamically so that in game the player can place and remove tiles, and for the navmesh to update dynamically, and of course saving and loading that data to file and managing multiple save files. You will develop a day and night system and write AI that will respond to the time of day! Also available on Steam.  Gamer To Game Developer Series 2 is the foundation upon which I've built Home By The River

I started releasing my GTGD S3 tutorial series in late 2016 and in it I teach you how to develop an awesome action FPS game where you can drive vehicles, fracture objects, and save yourself against the AI. It took me over a year to develop all 210 videos and I also released GTGD S3 with project folders on Steam!

I made the GTGD S2 tutorial series back in 2014 and in it I taught how to use the Unity master server and setup an Amazon EC2 instance to host that master server. It was an interesting experience for me. 

I released GTGD S2 with project folders on Steam!

I released the GTGD S1 tutorial series in 2017 as a replacement to my original GTGD S1 series that I released in 2012. In this series I explain in quite a lot of detail how to use UNET. UNET is now deprecated but if you've used Mirror then you'll find a lot of the coding style to be almost the same. GTGD S1 is available on Steam with all project folders!

I've made a few quick tip Unity tutorials to capture some of the knowledge of gathered over the years in using Unity.

Back when UNET was new, Unity released a text based tutorial for UNET and I thought I might as well turn it into a set of video tutorials. Based on the feedback from learners they turned out really good!

I started learning how to use UNET while it was still in Beta and it is an interesting multiplayer system. I made a tutorial series to cover the fundamentals and what I had learnt so far.

My first game I released on Steam! You lead your guild to victory! I learned a lot of lessons from the development of Guild Commander. Here's the link to Steam.

Weekend Drive is my second game that I released on Steam and it was really interesting to develop, and it is based on my GTGD S3 tutorials series. I released it in early access in 2019 and here's the Steam link.

Model City is my third game that I released on Steam and I made it a calm relaxing small game where the objective is to maximise the value of your city. Here's the Steam link.

I'm working on the content for a new tutorial series and I aim to show how to code a large 2D Terraria like world in Unity. Subscribe to me on YouTube to stay up to date on how I'm going!

My first tutorials series that I released back in 2012, and it was a simple multipalyer FPS game. Over the 36 videos and with more than 30 hours of learning content I went really in depth in explaining how to build a game from scratch. This series is truly outdated now and I made it in Unity 3!

I really had fun making this space sim demo with a planet with atmosphere that I could fly into. Someday I aim to get back to this and turn it into an awesome game. I just need lots of free time! I made this back in 2014!