2D world construction

I'm working on the content for a new tutorial series and I aim to show how to code a large 2D Terraria like world in Unity. Subscribe to me on YouTube to stay up to date on how I'm going!


Back when UNET was new, Unity released a text based tutorial for UNET and I thought I might as well turn it into a set of video tutorials. Based on the feedback from learners they turned out really good!


I started learning how to use UNET while it was still in Beta and it is an interesting multiplayer system. I made a tutorial series to cover the fundamentals and what I had learnt so far.

Defender's Sky

I really had fun making this space sim demo with a planet with atmosphere that I could fly into. Someday I aim to get back to this and turn it into an awesome game. I just need lots of free time! I made this back in 2014!