Home By The River

You move to a polluted land by a river to make your clean reactor a reality while hiding from Sigil Corp. Home By The River is a unique 2D side scroller sandbox where you will create your home & lab, farm, cook food, earn money, gain virtue, remove pollution, restore the local town and help humanity

Wishlist on Steam and play the demo! https://store.steampowered.com/app/2080020/Home_By_The_River/

A press kit is available through IndieDB! Also the demo is available on IndieDB as well.

donating technology short clip

in game ambience

constructing a house/lab

first multiplayer lan clip

atomic printer short clip

Here are the game features:

  • Build your awesome estate tile by tile and gain experience. Level up and unlock more tile types and game features.

  • Help restore the former tourist town of Awa and bring back its residents.

  • Play over LAN with friends and family and build your world together! Resources are given to all players so playing multiplayer is more rewarding than playing single player.

  • Plant crops and trees and harvest them to gain commodities. Sell the commodities to river men or through a trading terminal to earn money.

  • Bring down pollution and so clean up your environment. Repace dirty coal power with solar, wind and the reactor you will establish to transform your world!

  • Remove dead trees and plant new trees and let them grow. Trees are also essential for bringing down pollution.

  • Unlock heaps of in game badges by completing game objectives. Each badge earnt will give you some experience and a random reward, maybe a soda, maybe a reactor part!

  • Make computer games by either playing a reflex based mini game, or alternatively building it through menus over time. Your published game will achieve a particular ranking and earn accordingly!

  • Invest in the local train service, establish farms and other ventures in the background to earn money, commodities, and generate green power.

  • Talk to river men and donate to their causes to help increase your virtue.

  • Feed your kitty cat and change kitty's colours or dress kitty up. You too can change your colours, hair style and wear hats!

  • Cook food and eat to look after your hunger.

  • Spend time meditating or enjoying beautiful flowers to recharge your spirit.

  • Sleep, rest, take a shower, drink soda etc. to replenish your energy!

  • Build up your estate and increase the value of your estate. There are seven recognised rooms that will be detected in what you build; bedroom, lounge, kitchen, washroom, study, reflection room, lab. Your estate category will change based on how many of these rooms you have and your estate will progress through these categories; Starter Estate, Cottage Estate, House Estate, Villa Estate, Mansion Estate, Palace Estate, Empire Estate

  • When you are high enough level build up your research lab and start unlocking research cards. Use research cards to build reactor components.

  • When you have discovered your reactor lab location and have enough money then establish your reactor and atomic printer so that you can build reactor components for the rest of the world.

  • Send reactors to all regions of the world to break their reliance on Sigil Corporation, improve prosperity and become friendly with other regions. Take care not to make a region much more powerful than others or they may use your reactor to help themselves go to war instead! Your actions will transform the future and you have the potential to transform the world forever and usher in a new era of prosperity and peace.

  • Share your world file with your friends and they can experience your estate and even make it their own if they want!